Registration Online

Blended Courses

  • Your E-card will be provided same day via email.

  • Watch video online at your own time. 


  • After complete, notify us and we will come to you for your written skills test.


  • You will be required to show your notification of completion for the online portion prior to your written and skills test.


  • Once you pass your skills test and demonstration of BLS/Basic Life Support with certified instructor, you will be issued your card.


  • Get your certification quickly and easily at your location.

  • Audience driven CPR is taught in two standard parts, skill/simulation and a written test.


  • Once certified, it’s valid for two years from the American Heart Association.


Live Classes

(3-4 hours)

*You will be required to show....prior to your written skills test.

*Once you pass your written skills test and demonstrate

  • Instructor will provide a video, followed by a demonstration of CPR/BLS.


  • After complete, a written skills test will be given.


  • Once you complete, you will be required perform CPR/BLS to certified instructor.


  • Due to AHA guidelines cards will no longer be issued after December 31, 2017,  instead it will be digital.


  • Your digital course E-card will be provided within 24-48 hours. 


(Discount for Larger Groups – Call for Quote)

(Business/Corporate Rates Available by Contract – Call for Information)

Groups 5 or Less - $50 each

Discount for Larger Groups – Call for Quote

Business/Corporate Rates Available by Contract – Call for Information


(Automated External Defibrillator – Upon Request & Business Package)